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Ferguson from my TL- August 18 (2/3)


I HIGHLY RECOMMEND watching this video if you’re in an art block. This guy’s videos are very inspirational (and he’s got a cute laugh) and while they’re fun to watch, he also gives GREAT ADVICE!! I post for myself, but I also try to post to keep people happy, so i hope this one helps!


Demo n’ Solly taking Merasmus´ magic books~
I imagine them trolling Merasmus alot together


going back to school more likeimage


stuff from back when i was thinking about ideal north yanktons.. .


omfg the news that just emerged about the missing model ataui deng is fucking sketchy??? like apparently her boyfriend claims that ataui went to sleep in a park like 10 days ago and he waited for 5+ days to report the missing case to the NYPD wtf and he just posted an image on instagram like 


he also posts guns and misogynist shit like these 



i am so concerned about ataui right now praying that she is safe and sound 



*ALERT: 22 year old Sudanese model has been missing for almost 2 weeks. 

  • Full name Ataui Deng Hopkins (niece of Alek Wek)
  • Lives on Essex Street on the Lower East Side (NY)
  • Last seen on August 6th around midnight, exiting a night club in the vicinity of 251 West 48th Street in Manhattan (the location of two nightclubs, XVI Lounge and The Attic, The Village Voice reports. Friends claim they saw Deng at the latter, where she was attending an event for Major Model Management.)
  • Police describes her as 6’1” - 110lbs - black hair - dark complexion - slim build

1-800-577-TIPS (8477)
text: 274637 (CRIMES) then enter TIP577

all calls are confidential

photo: kristiina wilson

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